About Tsingtao

Tsingtao, a prefecture-level city in Shandong Province, is planned to be a separate city or a sub-provincial city. It is an important coastal city and an international port city approved by the State Council and is also the economic center of Shandong Province.


Tsingtao is located in the southeast coast of the Shandong Peninsula, in the eastern part of the Jiaodong Peninsula, in the forefront of the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Zone.


It is close to the Yellow Sea and faces the Korean Peninsula across the sea. It is adjacent to Yantai in the northeast, Weifang in the west, and Rizhao in the southwest. It has a total area of 11,282 square kilometers and governs 7 districts and administers 3 county-level cities.



Tsingtao has a beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. A harmonious picture of mountains, sea and city is painted in which one can see the winding coastline, islands and beautiful buildings whose red-roofs are held in the embrace of verdant trees. Many of the European-style buildings used to be home to many famous figures.


In cooperation with the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Tsingtao held the sailing competition. This great event brings a great opportunity for this charming city to build its bright future.