Technical Scope

The ACDC 2024 Organizing Committee welcomes contributions in the following areas of AC/DC power transmission.

Contributions can range from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications, and are encouraged from, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:

DC Grid Technology

§  Planning, modelling and designing of DC transmission and distribution grid

§  Control, protection and measuring for DC transmission and distribution grid

§  Advanced DC grid equipment, including converter, transformer, circuit breaker, DCSST, subsea and underground cables

§  VSC MVDC, HVDC and UHVDC technology and recent projects

§  LCC HVDC and VSC-LCC Hybrid HVDC technology and recent projects

§  New High Voltage Converter Technology and DC Transmission Technology

AC Grid Technology

§  Planning, modelling, designing, operation and maintenance of AC transmission and distribution system

§  Electromagnetic transient, electromagnetic environment, lightning protection, grounding of AC transmission and distribution system

§  UHV AC technology and recent projects

New Technology

§  Power semiconductors and its application for AC/DC grid

§  New materials for power transmission and distribution

§  AC/DC grid for clean energy and energy storage, including offshore wind farm, solar power plant

§  New energy DC collection and access technology

§  Hydrogen production technology of new energy via AC/DC power grid

§  DC transportation (electric vehicles, rail transportation, ships)

§  DC buildings and DC data centers

§  Other novel technology of power transmission and distribution