28-29 May 2016 |  Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing, Beijing, China            





About the conference

ACDC is a long established and highly respected international conference on AC and DC power transmission. ACDC 2016, to be held in Beijing, China is the twelfth in the planned series conference linked to the IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Journal. Co-organised with Tsinghua university and supported by various organisations both in China and abroad, the ACDC 2016 is truly one of the best international conferences focusing on AC and DC power transmission. 

The Scientific Committee of the conference will comprise the Editorial Board of the IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Journal, supported by additional researchers from all over the world, thus ensuring the highest standards and quality. 

Who should  attend

  • AC and DC specialists
  • System operators
  • Power system suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Asset managers
  • Academics 
  • Researchers 
  • Educators
  • Undergraduate, Post-graduate and PhD students

Why attend

ACDC 2016 is your best chance to meet and share your latest research results with AC and DC specialists worldwide and have the chance to get information on:

  • The latest advances in HVDC and HVAC technologies, including FACTS devices
  • Recent AC and DC projects being implemented worldwide
  • New challenges arising from environmental, regulatory, political and social factors, and how they impact on the development of transmission networks
  • Vast distance transmission requirements of growing economies such as India and China
  • Improvements in the reliability and efficiency of aging grid systems such as those in the UK and US
  • Changes in the marketplace, with further de-regulation and the growth of merchant transmission schemes
  • The impact of wider implementation of renewable technologies on network development
  • The increasing need to transmit power over longer distances, including cross-country border / grid transmission