28-29 May 2016 |  Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing, Beijing, China            





Technical scope

The ACDC 2016 Organising Committee welcomes contributions in the following areas of AC and DC Power Transmission.

Contributions can range from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications, and are encouraged from, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:

Recent important projects

  • HVDC interconnector projects, updates on current leading edge projects
  • VSC HVDC projects and recent technological developments in this area including DC breakers and associated protection methods
  • Multi-vendor, Multi-terminal – issues that would allow this to work, functional descriptions, standards for multi-terminal behaviour, details and solutions
  • Comparison of classic HVDC and VSC transmission including advantages and disadvantages and appropriate circumstances for their use
  • Recent and significant FACTS projects – series compensation on Scottish border, smart grid point of view
  • Transmission technologies and techniques being adapted and utilised in distribution networks
  • Technological developments in FACTS, including series compensation
  • UHV AC and DC
  • AC equipment reliability (lightning protection, anti-icing etc.)
  • AC/DC equipment lifecycle management
  • AC/DC equipment (optic electric sensors etc.) 

Future innovation and international projects

  • Energy storage at a large scale to support the transmission system
  • The DC offshore grid system and its functional set up including multiple offshore DC interconnections
  • DC interconnectors
  • The “Mediterranean grid” / Trans-European Super grid
  • DC network system innovation to improve the performance of distribution networks (below 33kV)
  • Innovations in FACTS devices to improve voltage control on distribution networks (below 33kV)
  • Super conductivity transmission lines

Real implications and applications

  • Subsea and underground cables
  • Semiconductor advances
  • Black start experience with HVDC
  • Reliability and redundancy including reliability analysis
  • Efficiency improvement and design efficiency cost savings
  • AC offshore