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State Key Laboratory of Control and Simulation of Power System and Generation Equipment


The State Key Laboratory of Power System and Generation Equipment, found by Professor Gao Jingde, the respectable former president of Tsinghua University, was approved by the former National Planning Committee of China in 1989 and qualified to operate since 1995 as the first batch of State Key Laboratories in Electrical Engineering in China. With  long-term leading by Academician Lu Qiang , Han Yingduo and Ni Weidou , the Laboratory stands decades of inheritance ,  development and innovation . The Laboratory was awarded top class twice in past assessments organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology . The disciplines on which the Laboratory is relied , the Electrical Engineering and the Power and  Thermophysics Engineering, were graded the first place for many times in previous assessments, and both A+ in 2017.

清华大学电力系统及大型发电设备安全控制和仿真国家重点实验室于 1989 年经国家计委批准立项,由清华 大学老校长高景德先生亲自创立,1995 年通过国家验收,正式开放运行,是我国电气工程领域首批国家重点实验室。实验室在卢强、韩英铎和倪维斗院士的长期带领下,历经 20 多年的创新和发展,在科技部评估  中两次获得优秀。实验室依托的清华大学电气工程学科和动力工程与工程热物理学科在全国学科评估中屡获  第一,在 2017 年双获 A+。


Since its establishment , the Laboratory has always held the strategic orientation of “serving the major needs of the  country, targeting international technology frontiers, and focusing on the industry’s hot issues”, and has taken root in the key  directions of the power system and energy field, striving to carry out indomitable scientific research, and exerting deep and  influential impact on electrical engineering disciplines and engineering technology fields domestically and abroad.The objective of the Laboratory  is  to lead energy and power  related disciplines through first level scientific research, talent cultivation,and academic exchange. The Laboratory holds”ready to devote and eager to create” as its culture with decades of creative development.

实验室坚持“服务国家重大需求、瞄准国际科技前沿、聚焦行业瓶颈问题”的战略定位;以打造一流的科学  研究、人才培养和学术交流三大基地,从而引领能源电力相关学科的发展为总体目标;在多年的创新发展中,  形成了“甘于奉献,敢为人先”的文化传统。实验室扎根我国电力系统和能源领域的关键方向,致力开展“顶天立地”的科学研究,打造服务国家能源电  力战略的高端智库,在国内外产生了广泛而重要的影响。



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